Invest One-Hour per Day Self-Development Plan – Free Download

I often encourage my peers to make the commitment of one hour per day to learning something new and focusing on their own personal development. It sounds simple enough, but things always get in the way and one can easily loose track of the commitment.

There are many obvious benefits to introducing this activity into your daily schedule, but most important is really to condition yourself to continually set goals for improvement. Don’t simply wait for your company to select you into a training program, identify what you want to learn, identify the resources you’ll need – then take ownership and invest one hour per day!

Below is a link to a simple planning form (free) that you can use to create and manage your development plan.  You’ll note that the planning form contains both professional and personal areas of focus.  It’s important to keep a proper balance in your life, right?

PS Feedback is welcome!  As an FYI, using WordPress is one reource I’m using to work on my own goals of personal branding, staying in-touch with technologies, and excersizing the creative part of my brain.

Michael Kazazis, an executive with experience in technology, finance, and operations, was co-founder of Censeo Corporation, a leading provider of assessment technologies / consulting services in the HR marketplace. In October 2011, he successfully negotiated the sale of the firm to Mercer where it has now become Talent Assessment Solutions.  In 2011, Michael was named CFO of the Year by the Orlando Business Journal. He has an MBA from Rollins College and is an active volunteer and board member for several organizations in the Orlando, FL area.


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  4. What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast. This is a great compliment to my piece and provides some great suggestions on how to use some of that precious early morning time to set and achieve your goals.

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